Summer Camp

Suzuki Summer Camp is an immersive musical experience for families with children who currently study cello, guitar, piano, viola or violin through the Suzuki Method.

Camp is an opportunity for students to refresh and renew their enthusiasm for music, and to attend wonderful performances that show the possibilities that lie ahead. Over five days, students get both individual attention as well as high quality group work, attending a range of classes, giving their own performance and taking part in and attending concerts.

We aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment in which students join with their families and peers to have fun and further their skills. Our camp is small enough that children will not feel lost in a big crowd. The atmosphere is cooperative and supportive, not competitive. Each student is encouraged, acknowledged and appreciated for their learning process and their progress over the camp week.

Through the classes, parent talks and shared experiences with other families, parents learn new ways to support their children. This is a music refresh for parents too!

Families and students enjoy attending the camp together and participating in musical and enrichment activities. Other family members of students are welcome to attend camp and non-playing siblings are warmly invited to enrol in the Music Enrichment classes or to observe classes.

This is a holiday experience, with both camping and lodging options for accommodation, and catered meals in the dining hall. There are lots of opportunities for indoor and outdoor games and activities, and plenty of time to relax, socialise onsite or for outings offsite.

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