COVID-19 and South Island Suzuki Events


  • Play-in and Play-out concerts will be cancelled.
  • Instead of a mass Play-in, students will go to their first class.
  • Teachers and parents will go to the hall for notices.
  • Parents will not be permitted into group lessons or enrichment classes, unless your child is too young to successfully manage their own behaviour.
  • Parents must wear masks during masterclasses and while moving between rooms.
  • We request that extra family members, such as non-participating siblings or other adults stay at home and do not attend, where possible.
  • Teachers will be reminded not to do activities that require any sharing of instruments or close contact between groups of students.
  • Viola/violin tuning will be done on knees, not under chins.
  • We encourage good personal hygiene and frequent handwashing, regardless of alert level.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided in classrooms, but we encourage you to bring your own too.

If the COVID-19 alert level moves to level 2 during a South Island event, some changes will be introduced:

If the COVID-19 alert level moves to a higher level, the event will be cancelled.

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