Code of Conduct

It is our commitment to provide a rich and wonderful camp experience for all. To assist us in achieving this please review our camp Code of Conduct.

We expect that all students and families will endeavor to:

General Behaviour

  • Participate fully in the program including all activities, classes, and workshops for the entirety of the camp duration.
  • Follow instructions from tutors, camp organizers and the onsite Craighead School staff.
  • Follow safety procedures and instructions for use of equipment and facilities.
  • Be respectful to camp staff and other campers.
  • Take responsibility for your own belongings and actions at all times.

Concert etiquette

  • Please wait until the performer(s) have finished playing before leaving or entering during their performance.
  • Please no talking during a performance.


  • Only sleep in the accommodation you have booked, paid for and have been allocated.
  • Only people booked in dormitories may sleep in the dormitories.
  • You may be able to change your accommodation if there is space available, please note this will be at an extra cost. Let the camp administrators know if you need to change.

General Etiquette


  • Be responsible for your own behavior and encourage peers to make appropriate choices.
  • Adhere to the camp schedule including wake-up time, curfew time, and meal-times.
  • Lights out in student dorms = SLEEP! You’ll need it!

Please do not:

  • Use or display profanity, obscene gestures, words, or graphics.
  • Use without permission any property of the Suzuki camp and Craighead Diocesan School, staff, or students.
  • Enter any out of bound or non-designated areas unless given express permission, these include: classrooms outside of class-time, the tutor accommodation block, gymnasium, caretaker’s work area.

Unaccompanied students must:

  • Advise a committee member if they are planning to leave the College grounds, and be
  • accompanied by an adult if they are 14yrs and under.

And finally please remember that Craighead Diocesan grounds are a smoke-free environment, smoking is not permitted on school grounds.

We want to create a safe and nurturing environment for everyone and we hope that you and your families enjoy your time at the South Island Suzuki Summer Camp.

With thanks,
South Island Suzuki Branch Committee

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