Camp Menu

Summer Camp 2021 Provisional Menu 05/11/2020 – may be subject to revision

Special Dietary Needs

We provide gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan food for those who have requested it as part of their
camp registration. Other dietary restrictions are your responsibility.

Please indicate your special dietary requirement under the option on the meals section of the registration form.

If anyone has any anaphylactic allergies they are best to self cater as we do not have a specific allergy friendly kitchen or storage.

Morning Tea

Morning tea will consist of a piece of fruit and a piece of home baking. If your child needs something more substantial to get through to lunch or in the afternoon, you will need to supply that.

Please note that the baking provided at morning tea is NOT guaranteed to be gluten-free. If you child requires gluten-free food at morning tea, you will need to provide it.

We ask all families to bring some home baking or similar. This will be used as part of the daily morning teas. If your home baking is gluten-free, please label it as such.

Meal Portions

We keep our meal costs as low as we can. To do this, the pricing allows for one plate of food per person per meal. If you have hungry children or need larger meals sizes yourself, then please
bring your own additional food to supplement the meals.

Cooking and Storage

If you are bringing and preparing your own food, some microwaves and limited fridge space are available in the dining hall. There are also fridges, sinks and kettles in the common rooms in the lodges.

We are not allowed to enter or use the main dining room kitchen.

There will be a small separate area with an oven, microwave and hot water available for those with specific dietary requirements for food preparation. Please contact the organizers at camp for further information.

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