Preparation for Camp

Holiday reviews are essential, so that students can benefit from the Play-In, Play-Out and group lessons.

Make sure all your pieces are well reviewed over the Christmas break, as the repertoire include all of Books 1 – 8.

What to Bring

Hostel Accommodation
All Students
Packing List

Hostel Accommodation


Your bed in the hostel will have a mattress. You need to bring everything else, including your pillow.


Hostel rooms include a cupboard beside each bed for valuables that you can padlock. If you need to keep things safe, bring a padlock.


You must bring your own caravan or tent. For tents, you need your usual camping equipment.


  • Music stand (named)
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • Folder/scrapbook (named) containing your orchestra/ensemble music (named)

All Students

Instruments in personalized cases

Marking things with names and putting distinctive markers/ribbon on cases and belongings is essential, as there could be ten violin cases just like your child’s.


A plain white top with black shorts, skirt or trousers are required for the student solo concerts, evening recitals and the Play-out.


Please bring a packet of biscuits or baking for morning teas and for parents’ evening suppers: one per family, slices and biscuits are best. Home baking is the best! Tea and coffee are supplied each evening.

Packing List

For a list of recommended items to pack you can use the following document as an example: SI Suzuki Summer Camp Packing List

Camp Info
Arrival at Camp
Classes & Concerts
General Info
New to Camp

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