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Very important for young children. They get quite tired with all the fun, the lessons and the newness of the whole experience. Ensure they go to bed early. Some young children also have afternoon naps.

Evening concerts are not always possible for the very young, but it would be good to see if you can manage to get to at least one, if not the child, then definitely the parent. But pace yourself carefully.


You will need to have snacks for these busy brains and bodies. Good quality food for snacks is important. Hollow calorie (high fat and high sugar – minimal nutritional value) foods can increase tiredness and reduce energy.

Master Class

Your child is expected to stay in the master class while others are having their lesson. It is fine for them to have a quiet activity that they do while they are waiting. Something they can do on their own, that does not involve conversation. Preferably not electronic.


There is quite a bit of gear to carry around from lesson to lesson. Snacks, books, water bottle, quiet activities, instrument. Some people use back packs or carry-on wheelie cases.

Master Class Timing

Get together with the other parents at the first master class and arrange the order of the students for all the master classes during the camp. This means all children get a turn at being first, last and in the middle and allows for those parents with multiple children and timetable clashes to organise classes so that they can switch between classes where necessary.


The children put their instruments on the dining room veranda during meal times. Marking things with names and putting distinctive markers/ribbon on cases and belongings is essential, as there could be ten violin cases just like your child’s.

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