Meal Times
Morning Tea
Meal Portions

Meal Times

The times below are the times the meal service is available. You are welcome to stay and eat if you collect your meal within these times.

Breakfast: 7.45am – 8.15am
Lunch: 1pm – 1.45pm
Dinner: 5.45pm – 6.15pm

Meals begin with Tuesday dinner and end with Sunday lunch. There is no lunch provided on Tuesday, but lunch is provided on Sunday before the Play-Out concert.


We provide gluten free and vegetarian food for those who have requested it at registration. Other dietary restrictions are your responsibility.

We will post the menu when it becomes available, so that parents with children who have allergies can see gaps in the meals where they will either have to supplement or substitute.

Morning Tea

Morning tea will consist of fruit and a biscuit. If your child needs something more substantial to get through to lunch, you will need to supply that.

Please note that the baking provided at morning tea is NOT guaranteed to be gluten free. If your child needs gluten free, you will need to provide suitable food.

Please take your home baking to the dining-room at registration. The baking will be used as part of the daily morning teas.

Meal Portions

We keep our meal costs as low as we can. To do this, the pricing allows for one plate of food per person per meal. If you have hungry children, please bring your own additional food.

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