Classes & Concerts

The tuition fees pay for all classes, concerts, Orchestra, Ensemble and Music Enrichment.

All concerts are free to attend, and we encourage young children to watch some of the senior student concerts.

The Twinkles programme, for students on twinkles and in their first year, includes group lessons and music enrichment.

All other programmes include master classes, group lessons and music enrichment or Orchestra / Ensemble each day.

Master class

Much thought goes into the master class groupings. They are decided by a combination of factors, not necessarily by the current piece. Students need to have one or two of their well-polished pieces ready to play to their tutor.

All students are expected to remain for the entire master class, as much can be learned from observing the other students’ lessons. Parents should take notes during classes. This helps you to remember what was covered.

Parents who have two children with a master class at the same time may request that their child take the first or last turn, so that the parent can attend their other child’s master class also. This is usually arranged between the parents of the group.

Parents should request permission of tutors and others if they wish to record master classes. They should record only their own family’s performances unless arrangements have been made with another family.

The student’s most recent piece is NOT suitable for a master class.


The full concert program will be provided to attendees before the camp. Please note when your child is doing their solo performance. All concerts will be held in the Auditorium.


A plain white top with black shorts, skirt or trousers are required for the student solo concerts, evening recitals and the Play-Out (Play-In is informal).

Play-In and Play-Out

These are fun warm up and warm down events for everyone. To enjoy them fully and make the most of them, students should do plenty of review before camp.

Solo Performances

Each student is rostered to play a polished piece for a solo performance during camp. These should be pieces that students are able to play easily with accompaniment.

Where possible, the pieces should have been mastered 6 to 12 months’ ago. 
It must NOT be the student’s working piece or the piece before. Do discuss this with your teacher.

Senior Students – Please provide two concert pieces, so that the musical directors can create a balanced programme.

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