Camp Timetable

Camp is almost here! For those who wish to print their individual timetable before camp, this can be done through the print dialog of your browser.

Note the timetable can be printed on either a black & white printer or colour printer. If you find that the writing on your printout is faint then it is probable that your browser print settings need to be adjusted before printing.

Depending which browser you are using, there will an option to print the background graphics – you will need to ensure that this has been selected. This setting may be hidden further down or within a sub-menu so you may need to drill further down into your print settings.

Once you have selected this option, the print preview will change accordingly. The images below shows the differences in what will be printed depending on your choice of options.

Note that if you bookmark your individual timetable, you will still be able to see it at camp even without a data connection as it should be cached in your browser. Obviously if there are changes to the timetable during camp to the timetable these will not be reflected until you go back online and refresh the timetable.

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